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Why Rent a Hot Tub?

To warm up a gathering and add luxury to any experience, including...

Starts at $300 for


including tax

  • Holidays

  • Parties

  • Quinceañera

  • Recovery

  • Relaxing

  • Retirement

  • Stay-cations

  • Unique Gifts

  • Tailgates

  • Anniversaries

  • Date Nights

  • Birthdays

  • Camping

  • Friends

  • Family Time

  • Graduations

  • Entertaining Guests

How Does it Work?

  • Call or book online

  • $50 confirms rental with balance due at delivery

  • We deliver & set up a luxurious, ridged foam hot tub

  • The hot tub will be filled with hot water and treated!

  • You slow down, soak, and socialize minutes after we leave

  • We drain & pick up at end of rental

Fits 4-6 people


You can even test a hot tub before making a purchase!

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Rental Packages

Three-Day Rental

Week Rental

Month Rental




Prices include tax, delivery, and set up


Boca Surround Deck

Luxury Pop-Up Tent


$50 - $75

$40 - $60

$25 - $40

Prices include tax, delivery, and set up

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What You Need in Order to Rent?

  • A flat-ish area about 7 feet in diameter. It can be a deck, patio, driveway, or your yard; including grass or gravel. 

  • Access to water within 100 feet of hot tub

  • Access to a standard electrical outlet within 35 feet of hot tub

  • Have a gate or door in the way? Don't worry we can fit our hot tubs through a standard 32-inch door opening.

  • Have stairs? Again, no problem! We can roll it up stairs. 

Where We Deliver?

We delivery to the greater Knoxville area. See the map below for our free delivery area. Live outside the area? We can charge a special delivery fee, which will be determined based on your location.

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See a Delivery

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Availability Calendar
Click arrows to view future months
A dot means we have availability

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