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Are you a vacation rental owner looking to provide an unparalleled experience for your guests? Look no further than partnering with Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals! We specialize in enhancing the allure of vacation properties by offering a luxury hot tub rental.

Yup, you read the right. You can rent a hot tub and it is NOT an inflatable!

A hot tub can ensure your guests have a memorable & relaxing stay!

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-- Joshua Kenna (Owner)

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Meet Our Partners

These partners have agreed to allow their guest to rent our hot tubs. Click the picture to visit their sites.

 Guests can receive special rental rates!

  • 3-Day Rental            $255

  • 4-Day Rental            $270

  • 5-Day Rental            $280

  • 6-Day Rental            $290

  • Week Rental             $300

Price includes tax, delivery, & set up

cannot be combined with other offers


  • Boca Surround Deck          $50 - $75

  • Luxury Pop-Up Tent            $40 - $60

  • Lights                                      $25 - $40

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Why Partner with Us?

1. Appealing Amenities:

  • Attraction Magnet: A private hot tub is a sought-after amenity that can help your guests choose your property.

  • Year-Round Appeal: Whether it's a winter retreat or a summer escape, a hot tub adds appeal to your property all year round.

  • Attract a Wider Audience: A hot tub can attract a diverse range of guests, from couples seeking a romantic getaway to families looking for a relaxing vacation. If you already offer a hot tub, our services can work along side it to help accommodate more guests.


2. Stress-Free Management:

  • Turnkey Solutions: Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals takes care of everything from installation to maintenance. Enjoy the benefits without the hassle.

  • Professional Service: Our team ensures that the hot tub is in perfect condition for each rental. We use fresh, clean water for each rental, providing a seamless experience for both you and your guests.

  • Licensed and Insured: Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals is licensed and insured and your guests will enter into a rental agreement with us, giving you peace of mind.


3. Protecting Your Property:

  • Portability: Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals uses luxurious, yet portable hot tubs. We work with you to find the perfect place to set up the hot tub. We don’t need any special “hot tub pads”. We can fit out hot tubs on nearly any flat area with access to water and electricity.

  • Energy-Efficiency: Our hot tubs are energy-efficient and plug into a standard electrical outlet, meaning you won’t have to worry about high utility bills. Better yet, we take the hot tub away so you don’t pay to heat it when you have no guests.

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4. Positive Reviews and Marketing:

  • Memorable Stays: Guests are more likely to leave positive reviews and return for future stays when they have an exceptional experience.

  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Happy guests become brand ambassadors, recommending your property to friends and family.

  • Branding Opportunities: We will feature your property on our website and social media outlets.

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How to Partner with Us?

If you are ready to work together, there are only two steps:

1. Contact Us:

  • Email us at or give us a call/text at 865-800-4268. We'll discuss your property to make sure it can accommodate our hot tub in a place you feel comfortable.

2. Add Us to Your Site:

  • Highlight Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals on your site, letting your potential guests know that they can book a hot tub rental directly from us. We’ll also offer all your guests special discounted rates.

How Does it Work?

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1. Book Online:

  • After a guest books a stay with you, they can book a hot tub rental with us. Our online booking will have a feature where they can identify the vacation rental partner.

2. Delivery & Set Up:

  • We communicate directly with the guest to determine a delivery and set up time. Set up takes about 2 hours. We use a tankless water heater so the guests can enjoy the hot tub minutes after we leave.

3. Maintenance & Support:

  • Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals takes care of all maintenance and provides the guests with ongoing support throughout the rental period.

4. Pick Up:

  • At the end of the rental period, we'll promptly drain and remove the hot tub, leaving your property as it was.

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