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Hot Tub Instructions

Using the Tub

  1. Leave the hot tub plugged in at all times. The digital thermostat will keep the water at your desired temperature.

  2. A "P" on the display means the water has reached the desired temperature. You can adjust your temperature by clicking the arrow buttons. The highest temperature setting is 104°F while the lowest setting is 60°F. The jets will automatically run while heating the hot tub.

  3. Once the desired temperature is reached, please do NOT significantly drop the temperature with the aim of saving electricity, such as dropping it from 100°F to 70°F. Doing this won't allow the water to cycle through the filtration system as often. Plus, it'll take longer and cost more to heat the water back to your desired temperature.

  4. If the jets are off, push the “JETS” button to turn them on. When you exit the tub the jets may not turn off. This is normal as the tub is heating back up to the desired temperature. The jets will shut off once desired temperature is reached again.

  5. You can adjust the flow of the jets by rotating the “Poseidon Jet”, which is the large grey jet.

  6. The AIR KNOB regulates air bubbles to the tub. Turn to the desired setting, but when the tub is not in use keep the air bubbles OFF. This promotes efficient heating.

  7. Push the "LED" button to turn on the lights. The hot tub is outfitted with 7 color settings (blue, green, purple, red, pink, yellow, and a rotating setting). To change the color setting, push the button to turn on the color, then turn off and quickly back on.

  8. Please do NOT use essential oils or bath bombs.

  9. Remember to secure the cover on the hot tub when not in use. If given the locking straps, the combination is set to “00”.

  10. You may sit on the side of the hot tub but remember it may be slippery

  11. Please do not have any open flames near the hot tub, including cigarettes or cigars.

  12. Please do not use glass in the hot tub. Broken glass is very difficult to see in the hot tub and can damage the tub.

Maintaining the Water

  1. Use the provided test strips to manage the free chlorine level (FCL) to the “OK” range of the strip. It is best to test AFTER each use to see how much chlorine to add.

  2. When chlorine levels are below the “OK” level, add 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of the provided granular chlorine and then retest in 15-20 minutes. The exact amount will vary based on current levels and prior use; however, when in doubt it is better to add chlorine in small dosages until the FCL level is in the “OK” range on the testing strips.

  3. IF the WATER is CLOUDY. DO NOT USE the hot tub. This is an indicator that the chlorine levels were not maintained properly. Please add 3 Tablespoons of chlorine and give it 12 hours to clear. Once water is clear, test again to make sure the chlorine levels are in the "OK" range. 

  4. You need not be concerned about any other measures on the test strip unless you were instructed to do so when your hot tub was delivered.

  5. The filter located on the intake port of your hot tub was cleaned before delivery.  It can be easily removed if you want it out the way during use but remember to push it back on to the intake after your session is complete. 

  6. For long term rentals, remove and rinse the filter weekly using a garden hose. Additionally, you may be instructed to add pH Up or pH Down to maintain water quality. Similar to the testing the chlorine, you will use a testing strip and make sure the pH is in the “OK” setting. When needed, add 1 Tablespoon of pH Up or pH Down and retest in 15-20 minutes. 


  1. No power to the tub: 

    • Check that the tub is plugged in.

    • Check the GFI reset on the tub plug.

    • Check the GFI on your home outlet, if equipped.

    • Check your home circuit breaker. 

  2. Tub not reaching desired temperature: 

    • Check that the air bubble knob is OFF.

    • Be sure that cover is fitted properly.

    • Note that the hot tub will increase in temperature by 1-2 degrees per hour.

  3. Water quality is poor: 

    • Check chlorine level.

    • Remove and rinse filter.

    • It is also recommended that users wash off any excess oils, soaps, conditioners, or make up prior to entering the hot tub.

    • Pollen can also disrupt water quality.

    • You may use a soft rag to wipe any film that builds on the side walls and then allow the filter to clean it out.

Call or Text 865-800-4268 with any concerns.

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