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Knoxville Hot Tubs LLC's
Liability Waiver and Rental Agreement

Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals has entered into a rental agreement with the undersigned for the rental of hot tubs(s). The terms of the rental agreement understandings set forth below.




  • I confirm and been instructed on how to operate the hot tub and maintain the water.

    • I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain the water in the hot tub, including the Chlorine and Ph level; although, Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals LLC is responsible for providing all the necessary equipment including: testing strips, chemicals, and measuring tools.

    • I understand how the system works, and I have received satisfactory answers to all of my questions regarding the use of the hot tub.

    • If, at any time, I feel that the hot tub is not performing properly, I will stop using it and contact Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals immediately at 865-800-4268.


  • I understand and I am aware that the use of the hot tub poses certain risks and dangers to personal safety and property damage.

    • I agree to consult my physician to determine that the use of the hot tub will not cause a risk to my personal health due to medical conditions including but not limited to allergies or pregnancy.

    • I understand that the use of electrical appliances, glass, and heat sources (e.g. cigars, cigarettes, fires, lighters, etc...) shall not be used near the hot tub, and that the use of such appliances near the hot tub is potentially harmful or lethal to a user and damaging to the hot tub.

    • I understand that the area around the hot tub may be slippery and that extreme caution must be used in entering or leaving the hot tub.

    • I agree NOT to allow anyone under the age of twelve to use the hot tub without adult supervision.

    • I agree and understand that the cover of the hot tub must be in place, secured, and locked at all times when the tub is not in use. I understand that the cover is not designed to hold weight including that of people or children.

    • I understand that the hot tub will place a considerable weight load on the structure of my house or deck. As such, I alone make the determination that my home is structurally safe for the use of the hot tub in the proposed location and that I am responsible for any damage to my property resulting from the placement of the hot tub on my property.

    • I understand that water from the hot tub is likely to spill from the unit and has the potential to damage surfaces near the hot tub, as such, I am responsible to take precautions to prevent water from damaging my property.

    • I understand that it is best practice to wash my skin before entering AND after leaving the hot tub. Additionally, it is best to wash my bathing suit AFTER each use to prevent the potential growth of bacteria, which may be harmful to a person's skin. 


  • I agree to be liable for any and all damages, theft, or destruction of the rented hot tub(s) and accessories. My deposit via a valid major credit card may be used partially or fully to satisfy any charges related to damage or theft.  If the charges exceed the deposit I shall be liable for the balance.


  • I hereby release and hold harmless Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals LLC and its owners, agents, and employees as well as Softub Inc., their owners and agents, from ANY and ALL liabilities for injuries to persons, including death, and/or damages to personal property as a result of the hot tub and its use; this includes whether said injuries are to myself or any other person(s) using the hot tub while on in my possession and/or property. I agree that I am solely liable for my failure or the failure of others to comply with the terms and understandings set forth in this agreement. I agree not to use or make a claim against Knoxville Hot Tub Rentals LLC or Softub Inc., for personal injuries, including death, or property damages related to the use of the hot tub.​


Thanks for submitting the liability waiver and rental agreement

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